Costs of living in Clermont

Wherever we go or live our costs of living is directly proportionate to the individual lifestyle. When entering a new country or city, we are sure you want to know with which amount of expenses you have to count. So, what are the costs of living in Clermont?

We want to tell you something about this topic, as this could be very useful for you. First of all, the costs of living always depends on your personal lifestyle. We will try to give you at least a clue of it.

For this city, the minimum living expense estimated by us is 615 Euros to 1050 euros. This includes your rent, food, outing, partying and shopping. If you have a budget of your expenses then you can definitely be on theĀ  estimated range. According to our experience as students in Clermont, cost of living are regular and a good quality of life is really affordable.

Let us explain why. Lets say you have 750-800 euro as your budget. 400-450 euro will be your rent and utility expenses. So you are still left with 300 euro. This will be your bus tickets, grocery shopping, partying expenses and other miscelenous expenses. If you are not a party person then you will have a saving in that 300 euro as well.

So Clermont is certainly a student hub where student life is more easy and inexpensive. Costs of living in Clermont are relatively low. Especially compared to other areas in France. Furthermore, you can apply for the CAF. This financial support can help you to afford your life in France.

We are hope you are going to have a memorable time in Clermont.

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