International Experience in Clermont

For sure it is interesting to see what other students have to say about their experiences living in Clermont. We asked a few people and this is their international experience of studying in France.

From Germany to Clermont-Ferrand

I came to Clermont-Ferrand via the exchange program of my German university. There were basically any problems for an European student when coming to Clermont. The reasons for this are that I needed no VISA. Furhermore, I could use my German bank account as well as a mobile phone contract. I got my apartment in the residence NEMEA through a recommendation.

Of course there were linguistic and cultural barriers, but they only made the whole experience more interesting and instructive. It was one of my best decisions to go to Clermont-Ferrand. The university and the teachers were great and the city is lovely.

Even though it is not a big metropolis, there is a lot to experience. Above all, the gastronomy and pubs convinced me as well the various possibilities to travel. Many interesting cities like Paris and Lyon are easy to reach. For nature lovers, the surrounding area offers many hiking trails.

I can only recommend Clermont-Ferrand and ESC Business School to anyone for a semester or study abroad. My tip is to take part in the offers for international students in order to experience great excursions.

Valerie Diakite, Exchange Student from Germany

From Mexico to Clermont-Ferrand

Choosing a place to study was not easy for me. I had to take into account several things like the language, the available programs, the VISA requirements and the interest for the country. Once I found out that France had programs in English I made my choice and chose Clermont-Ferrand as the new city for my Master’s studies.

For me, as a Mexican the process to get the VISA after being accepted in the program wasn’t very difficult. I just needed to be patient and gather all the documents that Campus France and the French Embassy requires. It would have been easier for me to have someone guiding me throughout the process. Nevertheless, it was friendly enough to get my VISA approved.

Once I was arrived to Clermont-Ferrand the process go integrate me into the new lifestyle was smoothly since this city is easygoing. One thing that is really important and nobody told me about was the VISA validation. You have to use the same date that appears as the initial date in the system to be able to do it. (As Mexicans we can come on an early date because we don’t need VISA for 90 days visits).

Coming to Clermont has been one on the most challenging choices I’ve ever made. But it also promises to be a once in a lifetime experience!

Edith Ortega – Master Student from Mexico

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