Mobile Service Operators

One of the important aspects when you are living abroad is having an international mobile number. When choosing among the available options of mobile service operators you should be careful. Especially when you are not aware of Terms and Conditions or Tariffs. I hope this article will make it a little easier for you.

The only requirement for buying a prepaid SIM card in France is that you have to show a valid ID when purchasing. If your phone does not work on a GSM network, you can purchase new mobile phones in France at stores such as The Phone House, FNAC, LDLC, and Darty.

There are four major mobile service operators in France:

Contracts Package SIM cards are typically 12–24 months and payment is by direct debit (prélevement automatique). You will be signing for a contract called ‘rolling contract’ or forfait sans engagement. This is a mobile contract that automatically renews each month, but can be canceled at any time.

In case you want to buy a Prepaid SIM Card then you will find prepaid French SIM cards for around EUR 4, and you will immediately have EUR 5 of credit on your automatically activated SIM card. You can then top it then with EUR 5, EUR 10, EUR 20 or EUR 30 vouchers. These vouchers are available at Tabac stores or Supermarkets.

Procedure to buy a SIM Card:

  • Visit the selected company store
  • Ask them for a new connection
  • Show your ID (passport)
  • Choose the Tariff/package
  • Use your Credit /Forex card for the payment
  • Select the number
  • Immediate activation will be done.

You should locate your nearest operator shop on GPS.  Be wise in selecting the operator and be carfeul with the tariffs terms and conditions.

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