Get Your Health Insured – Student Health Insurance

You may ask yourself why you need a special student health insurance. Health is one of the most important things in life and there you need to make sure it is insured. As as student in France you definitely need a student health insurance. As a result you make sure that you’re health is insured and you can visit a doctor or go to the hospital in case of emergency.

In addition a health insurance is also important when it comes to traveling in France or Europe. The French health care system will reimburse you for your health care expenses throughout your academics. To entitle the benefit you need to mandatory get registered on the health insurance website dedicated to foreign students. It is available in French and English. Furthermore, the registration is free of cost.

These are the documents you require to avail your student health insurance

  • Proof of Registration to the current academic year (your offer letter)
  • Proof of Identity (your passport)
  • Your Visa
  • Vital record (your translated birth certificate)
  • Residency permit (“titre de séjour”)
  • An official banking information slip (RIB) in your name

As soon as the social security system accepts your documents, you will have a temporary student health insurance certificate. You need to download it from the website. Visit the assurance maladie with your certificate and ask for your permanent. After that they will provide you your password and it will be activated within one month. Then you have to apply for your social security card on the same website.

Please make sure you’re health is insured during you’re whole stay in France. As already mentioned health is the most valuable in life. Nevertheless, we are hoping you are staying healthy for you whole stay and you will not need your health insurance. If you still need a doctor during your stay, you can find doctors who speak English in Clermont.

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