Public Transport in Clermont

Clermont is a small city and therefore it is easily possible to reach everything by foot. But if you have to go somewhere where you can’t go, you can take the public transport like bus and tram, the bikes or a taxi.

Tram and Bus

Tram Clermont Ferrand

The public transport system in Clermont-Ferrand Is operated by T2C and includes trams and busses.

 Prices of Tickets (November 2019):

 Single-ticket: €1.60

10-tickets: €14.40

24 hours ticket: €5.10

There are monthly and annual abonnements available as well. A monthly ticket costs €52.20 (€27.00 when you are under 26). The annual ticket costs €530.40 (€246 when you are under 26).

There are different lines for the tram.

Line A,B, and C

Line 3 to 37

Find out about the different lines and timetables.

Since the city is especially small, most paths are very easy to reach on foot or by bicycle. So before you buy a year ticket, you should find out if you need it at all.


Public bikes in Clermont
C.vélo in Clermont-Ferrand

c.vélo offers the opportunity to rent a bike for a period of time. They have 52 bike stations with 520 bikes available.

There are two different models offered:

For a regular usage:

One-year abonnement: 0€


  • First half hour for free
  • Each additional half hour: 1€

For an occasional usage:

1 day pass: 2€

7 day pass: 7€


  • First half our for free
  • Each additional half hour: 2€

Find more information about pricing, usage and to get an abonnement/ticket here.


Of course, as in any other city, there is also the possibility to take a taxi or a Uber next to the public transport in Clermont.

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