Visa Renewal Process

The visa renewal process comes into existence when your visa for France is expiring, and you want to continue your studies in France. Two months before the expiry of the visa validity, you must apply for the residence permit/Titre de sejour.

However, there is no worry to visit Prefecture As a student you can submit your visa renewal application in the office of Crouse of Clermont Ferrand. To make your visa renewal process a little bit easier, we want to provide you all the necessary information.

The documents required to the visa renewal are listed below

  1. Proof of your nationality (Passport)
  2. Proof of residence electricity bill (or gas, water, landline phone, internet access); or lease less than 3 months or rent receipt (if tenant); or housing tax
  3. Three recent photographs
  4. Certificate of enrollment at the school (offer letter)
  5. Academic transcript of the previous studies
  6. Financial resources (615 Euros /Month)
  7. Regular bank transfer of 615 euro in your French account or
  8. Deposit of 7380 euros in your account at the time of applying for the visa renewal or
  9. If you regular transfer for your expenses from your bank loan, then a letter duly signed and stamped stating that they are bearing the monthly expenses (letter in French) or
  10. Part time job agreement showing the monthly salary and the last 3 months pay slips
  11. Two stamped envelopes with your name and address (format 110*220)
  12. Proof of health insurance for the academic year

Once your ready with all these documents, you can visit the Crous office and submit your application and get the acknowledgement, which certifies that you applied for the visa renewal. It allows you to stay in France for 3 to 6 months after your residence permit expires.

Hope this article will help you in your visa renewal process. Please be careful with that, because it decides about your stay in France.

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